Never came for me

by pgcd

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Yuri Abietti
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Yuri Abietti Great new album from pgcd, very recommended! Favorite track: 02. Never came for me.
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September 2018 remix/remaster


released September 15, 2018


all rights reserved




I'm old, usually depressed, with a scientific bent. My music tends to reflect this.

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Track Name: 01. Valse
Through the night
Through the wind
Marching on
Track Name: 02. Never came for me
A day to flock together, to soar together through the storm
How brave and strong together, how weak and humble when alone
For everyone there comes a time to pull together and march on
A day for everyone, yet it never came for me

A chance to feel the sun shine and leave the past mistakes behind
Free from chains and wrong turns and the prisons of the mind
For all there comes a chance, a chance to be completely redefined
A chance for everybody, it just never came for me

A time for understanding, an instant to make sense of life
Unafraid of death and loss, peaceful in the strife
For everybody there’s a time to cut the shadows with a knife
A time that comes for all, and it never came for me.
Track Name: 03. Bradyon
Someone told me once
Time has different speeds
But all I ever found
Is time’s too fast for me
There is but one life
And there’s nothing else
There is but one life
And there’s nothing more

Looking back at life
To live in memories
Might be good for some
But doesn’t work for me
I feel the growing holes
My mind fills up with blanks
For all the I’s I was
My mind just returns blanks

If I had the time
I still couldn’t sleep
When I close my eyes
All that I can see
Are the dying stars
And the howling void
Just the frozen suns
And the hopeless void
Track Name: 04. What we used to say
And the dark and raging sea knocked at our doors
Suddenly we realized it wasn’t sudden at all

And our riches and our dreams could not shield our world
When our towns began to fall

But I remember what we used to say
in the nights before the fire burning

Do you remember what we used to say at night
Before the fire started burning?
Track Name: 06. HKF
The proper question
Is not that one
What you should ask him
Is something else

His eyes are shielded
Against the sun
Is that the reason?
Say that again

It’s just a moment
A single case
It just so happened
That you were there

It’s just a matter
Of standing up
Yeah, you just say that
It won’t fix stuff

If you could see it
You wouldn’t ask
So many answers
One breaking point

Like different species
Whatever he says
The answer’s only one

You know I’m not fine
I’m not quite all right
Track Name: 07. Fly away
Nothing ever changes, no-one ever lies
All the tears you shed were pointless time
All the lies you cared about were just that, lies
All the tears you shed were lonely lies

Can we really break the fall and walk away alive?
Make it fast make it go away

Nothing ever changes nothing ever brings us back
And now it’s time to fly
Track Name: 08. Molten marshmallows
Crushing leaves - A clenched fist
Angry shouts - Still in his ears
He sees the night
The darkness rise

Blue light flashes on the screen
Thoughts locked in, repeating scenes
He sees the night
The darkness rise

Grinding teeth - a crowded bus
Mind in pieces - glaring eyes
He sees the night
The darkness rise

Body still, the mind ablaze
Shuts his eyes and looks for peace
He sees the night
The darkness rise

And all the faces are the same and the face is nothing

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