A Primer Describing Exotic Feats, of Interest to the Student of the Work (2nd ed​.​)

by pgcd

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conor1977 I love this album. I really like the dirgey vocals and it manages to be downbeat and seriously catchy at once. Favorite track: Rationale of the Feeble Mystery.
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A Primer describing exotic Feats, of Interest to the Student of the Work.

Containing Rituals, Invocations and diverse Enchantments of a curious Nature; as found in the Teachings of the Ancient Masters and the Modern Erudites.

(First edition 2015)


released January 28, 2018

cover by pholpo.net


all rights reserved




I'm old, usually depressed, with a scientific bent. My music tends to reflect this.

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Track Name: Preliminary Cantrip of Tutelage
I sing of elder names
I praise the grains of sand
I call upon the wardens
Of the left hand

I chant the teaching lost
I burn the offer grand
I call upon the wardens
Of the left hand

I claim the outer eye
I claim the Abwehrende
I call upon the wardens
Of the left hand
Track Name: Invocation for the Unfolding of the Path
Spin the leaves to spin the fates
The host of younger names thus spake
Name the leaves to name your fate
When the waters shine

Feel the might and take control - the ways unfold, the ways unfold
Track Name: Prayer for the Sixth Progression of Mehnes
Bless me, Father Meness
give me power
give me strength

Bless me, en-zu Na-an-na
give me wisdom
give me dreams

To this darkness I pray
In this silence I wake
In this nightfall I call
To the black moon of May

Bless me, Mother Luna
give me children
give me health

Bless me, black Selene
keep me hidden
make me fast

Bless me, Father Tiur
show me shadows
of my prey

Bless me, hidden Mani
feed the ravens
with my foes

With my offer
I invoke thee

To this darkness I pray
In this silence I wake
In this nightfall I call
To the black moon of May
Track Name: Ritual of Prebiotic Rememberànce
At the door of seasons:
Craft the sigil of True Self
In the golden hours to bind
In auspicious times entwined

Burn the shell of reason
Simulacrum of the self
Speak the words that were designed
In the times without the mind

In the smoke the vision
Many-faced and ever blessed
Face the words who stayed behind
Read the words they left behind
Track Name: Galdr of Just Obfuscation
Everything you think you know
Everything you think you’re owed
Nothing's ever black or white
Nothing saves you from the night

Shadows hide behind the wall
Specks of nothing bring the fall
Sun is god before your eyes

Everything you think you know
Shatters in the fire
Everything you think you know
Burning black as fear

Everything you think you know
Your mind plays a puppet show
Nothing’s ever as you see
Only tears and make-believe
Track Name: Ritual to Conjure the Knowledge of the Dead
Unto ashes soak the whisper
For the will to understand
From the fire before the Vesper
Branches from the Tree of Sand

Claim the power before Dievas
Schachar blessed and everlast
Thunder rolling cold Perkunas
And the time to break the fast

May the sun be one to speak of
After night as clear as glass
Let the currents bathe the Liedov
Wrapped in threads and thorns of grass

In the circle facing East
Sing the praise of Elder Names
To the south you call the Beast
And the wisdom of the flames

And the ashes shall bring whispers
And the mind shall understand
In the closing of the Vesper
In the circle in the sand
Track Name: Rationale of the Feeble Mystery
Lesson of the silence broken after years:
Let the word be spoken that was never heard before

Lesson of the dreamer blanketed in fear:
It’s a fruitless candle, the one where wasn’t dark before

Lesson of the scoundrel rose above the peers:
Attis is the chosen, yet he was a man before

Lesson of the maiden saving all her tears:
It’s no less a slave the one who never wept before
Track Name: Sigil of the Unseeing Eye
One chain to trace the girth
Two days to feast and dance
Three crosses in the earth
Nine angles in the sands

One drop to cleanse the stone
Two months under the sand
Three spirals in the bone
Nine whispers in the hand

One circle from the chain
Two breaths the spell to bind
Three words to call the bane
Nine eyes forever blind

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